The Broken Parents

Image Prompt: How Did This Couple Get to This Point?


They say love can conquer all. However, I feel like that may be true but some losses love takes its toll. Who would have know that something this horrific could happen. It wasn’t supposed to be this way, of course. It was a simple mission. Our voices needed to be heard. People with abilities like us were shunned terribly. We were so sick of the oppression. We needed to take down the infamous organization, CRI. They paid other people with abilities to kill off their own race. It was sticking. Although Alchemy wasn’t well known, it’s power was overwhelming for so many. I was a master of Alchemy, and I used it sparingly but effectively. My beautiful wife possessed the ability of persuasion. We just needed to get to “Zeus” and convince him all would be well if he crumbled his organization. Who would have known the casualties we would face. They had employed a new person with abilities. Turns out to be their number one. He is only know as the Enforcer and he possessed Telekinesis. What maddening power. No one stood a chance l, he blasted us all back with his terrible power. If it wasn’t for him we both would be dead. A time traveler of all things. We hated him though. Because of all the ones to save. The one he didn’t save was our son. No abilities. Just following in his parents footsteps. An unnecessary life taken. He didn’t even give me the pleasure to spite his name. Now we lay teary eyes on the commercial bus. Loathing in sadness.

My dear Benjamin, I’m sorry. I’ve been a terrible father. It’s only a matter of time before we come to see you. We’re going to end what we began and we’re going to do it for you…

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