The Alley

imageWhenever someone mentions witches, they immediately think of old ugly women who are hundreds of years old. With that signature mole on their nose. However, this is not always true. Sure I know a few older witches that fill that stereotype but they all don’t. In matter of fact, anyone could be a witch regardless of age or looks. The only rule, is that it’s a woman. Men are called wizards, warlocks, or sorcerers. I find this highly offensive. But that’s how Artesia works. The king makes the calls. I’m a special kind of witch though. I’m a huntress. I am hired for not only my proficiency in spell casting but also my skills with a blade. It’s gets lonely on the road, so I have my friend Spook with me. She’s a little furry feline, another stereotype associated with witches. They all think we have cats, and no other animals. I know a couple witches that have fricking wolves. So fuck that. However, I like cats. They’re stealthy, defensive, and cunning. No one expects a cat to be on a high stakes scout mission. Reporting to her mistress all the intel I need to assassinate another unfortunate Shattered Soul.

Let me explain those to you as well. Witches and Demons have fought for centuries. You think by now they would have a pact, but here’s the thing. Demons don’t get along with fucking anyone. They are hunted by priests, paladins, Angels, and witches. Although the latter for a separate issue. Back in the day the first witch, Morgan Le Fey was slaughtered by her demonic lover Lucifer. He smashed the witch and demon alliance all because he couldn’t keep it in his pants. Almost as bad as Zeus. Although he started wars on behalf of his penis. Shattered Souls are people that have been infected with a demon. We are charged with destroying them. While Angels and Priests try to save the humans souls, that just makes the demon find another host. They need to be destroyed. So they can no longer infect the innocence in the world.

I was stationed in the alleyways of a local village only towns from the king. They were reports of a gang of demons traveling village to village infecting innocent people in order to expand their horizons. Reach more areas so whenever a demon need to do the bidding of their master they could, in record time. I’ve been trailing them. Watching them try to find a host. Once they do. I kill them. They have yet to caught on. The alley was silent in the dead of night. But I knew my demon I was hunting had a special place in his heart for a host here. See, the out skirting villages are already on suspicion of espionage and treason, so they are often swept to kill all demons. However they have a three village rule. Do to the demand for this type of work they can’t go to all the villages. So this village was perfect. Pretty well thought out for a demon, someone was definitely pulling the strings here. I would never have guessed who.

I walked around the bricks and saw my target, he had gone for a smoke break. Leaving himself alone and vulnerable. My chance to slay him once and for all, but this would not be an easy fight. I rose my sword high and placed a wooden pipe between my teeth. I often used tobacco mixed with herbs to entice a feeling of calmness over my body. A little herbal medicine.
“Flee Spook warn the others, I’m going in!” I said calmly to my companion.

I rushed in with my blade in hand and cut the demons cigarette from his lips.
“Oh boy, someone to play with. I was wondering when you were coming after me little huntress,” he smirked as light enveloped his body.

“You knew I was following?” I gasped, suddenly losing my confidence.

To Be Continued…

This one I plan on continuing. I have time constraints!

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