Davis vs Quinn

The alleyway had led to a dead end. Davis was struggling to deal with his luck. If they found him, he’s done for. But with his ability he wasn’t too worried. No one can match his Hyperdreanal. Suddenly from the roof a figure emerged. Leaping from balcony to balcony without a skip. There before him landed a young man in his late teens. Black hair spiked up and a serious frown on his face.

“Hello Davis,” the man said calmly.
“Who are you what do you want?” Davis said through gritted teeth. Behind him were two men with guns. He was boxed in.
“I’ve got this, report back to Derek,” the man said to the two men behind him.
They both put their guns away and started to leave.
“You’re with them?” Davis huffed angrily.
“Yes, we need to put you down. Derek’s orders,” the man smiled.
“Well good luck with that, so many have tried. So many have failed,” Davis said as he closed his eyes focusing his energy to the flight or fight response. You can guess which one he went with.
Suddenly Davis lunged at his attacker with superior force. The man blocked it without a thought, deflecting his fist beside him. Davis came in for a low kick but the man leapt not once focusing on where his attacks were coming from. Davis steeped back and prepared his signature move, a punch with all his force. The man dodged his fist with extreme accuracy.
“You’re one of us,” Davis said as he calmed his body.
“No, I am not like you. I am something entirely different. They call me Quinn, I too have an ability. I’ve already deciphered yours.”
Suddenly Davis was punched tossing him back. Three more strikes came hitting him all in pressure points crippling him to his knees.
“Fuck,” Davis swore, “I guess speed is necessary here.”
Focusing his thoughts he enticed the flight response. In a furry of punches and kicks he came at Quinn. Quinn blocked everyone of them and pulled Davis arm back, snapping it and dropping him to his knees.
“Ow what the fucking shit is going on,” Davis cried in agony.
Quinn came at him doing two swift kicks to his kidney as blood poured from Davis’s mouth. He spurted in pain.
“What do you want more? Your other arm or both your legs,” Quinn smiled.
“I said I’d never do this but I have no choice, time to kick it in overdrive,” Davis fell back on the pavement and closed his eyes. He enticed both of his responses at the same time. Suddenly in a flip Davis pummeled Quinn. Punching him in blind rage at speeds he barely could block. He managed to soften every blow before a kick in his stomach through his system off. Quinn buckled in pain as he fell to the ground blood oozing from his mouth and his eyes rolling to the back of his head. Davis crumpled to his knees clutching his chest as he entered cardiac arrest. His eyes jumped and rolled like crazy as his body fought to survive. Suddenly Davis was out.
The two men laid on the ground panting slowly as unconsciousness claimed them. The crunching of footsteps could be heard softly through the pressure in their ear as someone prayed.
Now I lay me down to sleep.
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take

Suddenly flames burst behind them and a scream could be heard.

“I fucking found you now you little shit….”
To be continued…

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