What is this Conversation About?

What is this conversation about IP
The war had left its toll on everyone but Spencer had it the worst. Emily his long-time friend always took his smoke break together. Who knows what they would talk about but its a sure bet its something to do with the Great War. The city was bustling with activity as everyone put in their hours to make a living. The new war had made a demand for weapons almost unobtainable.
“So handsome, whats on your mind today?” Emily said with a smile as she brushed back her red hair.
She always wore too much make up which was only because of her job as a downtown bar hostess. She always had to look good in this fucked up society.
“Nothing much, just wish this day would be over soon, I’m in dire need of sleep,” Spencer said as he took a drag of his cigarette.
Spencer was your run of the mill worker bee. He was in the engineering department and worked on their super weapons and vehicles. He has messy black hair and a clean shaven face. He always took a smoke break every two hours like clockwork. Emily would come around whenever she could.
“I bet there is more going on in the mind than you care to share with me,” Emily flirted.
“Yeah sweetheart but its always a jumbled up mess without any real substance,” Spencer smiled back at her.
“What is your big project you are working on right now?”
“Right now I am crafting a suit of armor for the Marines to use in battle. They get beat to shit whenever they are deployed. Which is a lot of work just to have it destroyed again, but whatever makes the day go by I suppose.”
“Touche I suppose, right now we have the infamous mayor and his party of political creeps in the diner down here, but they tip well. Just sick of hearing about the body counts they spew like nothing. Life, nowadays is nothing but another number. I’m sick of it. Hey can I have a drag of that?”
Spencer took a drag and handed the cigarette over to her. She promptly took a big pull on it and left a lipstick stain as she passed it back. Spencer looked into the sky at the protective dome that secured them. He smiled suddenly thinking about his parents and what they did to keep this city safe.
“Well I suppose I must get back to work!” Emily smirked as she flirtatiously wink back to him.
“See you around Emily.” Spencer waved back.

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