Two Officers Down (Incomplete)

tony-sun-18-h4160325Being a long coat had its disadvantages. When your skills outclass all the officers that accompany you on your missions, you have a lot of death to face. Chloe has just been sent into the infamous Galactic Headquarters, the building of the most elite scientists known to man. With her was two level ten officers. Jorge and Ray.
“Okay so we need to get in and grab the hard drive of their super computer, shouldn’t be too hard right?” Ray smiled as he polished his AX4500, an elite rifle capable of shooting fifty bullets a second with an unbelievable magazine of a thousand that was supported on their armor. Ray put on his helmet that allowed for a much better sight. Connecting to headquarters and possessing hundreds of uses he was ready for battle.
“Don’t get too cocky, if they sent a Long Coat on this mission it must not be easy, speaking of Long Coats where is she?” Jorge said in a grimace as he closed his helmet visor.
“Sorry I’m late boys, I got caught up with some red tape but Cupertino took care of that one for me,” Chloe laughed as she pushed back her hair.
“Hello Officer my name is Jorge and this is Ray,” Jorge said with a perk at her beauty. How could anyone this small be a long coat?
“Good evening, my name is Chloe. I work for the Red Ribbon Army. I am a long coat, the highest rank achievable in my squadron. I will be assisting you in this high level mission, we cannot fail.” Close said suddenly serious.
“Where is your weapon?” Ray snickered.
Suddenly Chloe pulled something resembling a flashlight from her pocket and pulled back hard. A staff exploded from it and she swung it with incredible precision. Electricity sparked on one end and a blade on the other. She swung it around fancily and smirked at the brute questioning her.
“I think I’ll be okay,” she smiled as walked through the two men.
“Has all our security been shut down?” Jorge asked, seemingly the only one with more than muscle backing him up.
“Yes. Now we need to make this quick it can only be jammed at short intervals to avoid suspicions. The main computer is in the center of the building. We need to override it with this ID card that we forged in the lab. Once inside we don’t know what we are up against as there is no cameras for us to hack in the computer room. Are you prepared for this A-Rank mission?” Chloe asked carefully.
“Yes officer we are prepared for this battle.” Ray and Jorge said together.
Not the best but I’ve written every day now!
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