From the Desk of Eric Elric

What a sick twisted turn of events. Turns out, having special abilities or powers is real. However, I had to get fucking lucky and get one of the worst powers imaginable. The ability to manipulate feelings. Sounds grand I’m sure. However you’re fucking wrong. Every ability there is a drawback. Ready to hear mine? I absorb them. If they’re sad. I absorb their sadness. What a pathetic joke. Sick I say. Now besides my terrible drug addiction, I have to deal with other people’s sadness. It’s so wrong. Worst, I can’t control it. I just make people happier. If I accidentally touch them, they’re sadness becomes my own. Now I get to lie awake at night waiting for the next hit in the morning, while mourning myself. It’s sick. But I’m not worried. 

They’re here now. They have swords. 
I was getting sick of the sadness anyway. 
***blade slices through flesh as blood pools on the floor***
“Thank You…” 

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