Caspian Carrington

There in a leather chair at a wooden desk sat a burly young man with defiantly dark eyes and a full head of black hair. He slipped a cigarette into his mouth and snapped his fingers. A flame emitted from his finger tips and he lit his cigarette. The smoke was swished away by the corporation’s air recycling system. He knew his boss would be in here soon to ream his ass about another bullshit assignment he didn’t do to “quite to his standards”.

Thankfully this wasn’t his only life. He led another dark, more sinister life. Suddenly his door opened and his boss stepped in. Dressed head to toe in a silk suit and a pair of Italian leather shoes. His hair was neatly managed, his eyes although hidden by a pair of expensive lenses were a dark blue, and his lips were in a disappointed frown. Caspian knew he didn’t do something right.

“Caspian, I need you to redo this report. The font is all wrong and the diagram isn’t quite right. When I want something done, I prefer it be done to my standards. Not to your pathetic excuse of a ‘good job’. I am expecting these to be done by seven tonight. That means you get to stay a little later. Maybe this time you’ll learn that when I want something done, it’s done the right way! You like having a job right? Because you are not irreplaceable, I’ll find someone else, pay them less, and get it done the way I want it. Why do I keep you? Because I thought you being Damien’s son would be a huge asset to this company! I was very disappointed,” the boss said.

“No problem Mr. Yashiro sir!” Caspian said, holding back an angry grimace.

The door closed and it took every ounce of his willpower not to catch the building on fire and kick his bosses charred remains. He slammed his hand down on the desk and took a forced pull of his cigarette flicking the ashes into a marble ashtray on his desk. Suddenly his Mac dinged. He must have another email.

“Dear Fire-Star,

Greetings, I’m sure you’ve been expecting something from me. They call me Zeus, I am the leader of an elite organization with unjust goals. I have a mission for you. I hear you are quite an assassin. Especially in cases of mass murder. I have a particular job for you. So far out of the norm of an assassin of your caliber that your payoff will be substantial. I have already wired one-million dollars into your offshore account. That is a gift to you, an incentive of sorts. If you decline this offer, its still yours, if you accept this offer the remainder will bring it to one-billion dollars and it will be wired into the same account. You can start life anew and if you’re interested maybe even a cushy job in my company.

There are two conference meetings coming up of the infamous, Capsule Corporation. One is tonight, at eight, the other is Thursday at the same time. I have a backup plan in case you decline my offer. Everyone must die. I will realize once my targets are neutralized that you’ve completed the task, making my back up plan no longer a requirement. Once this happens you will receive your compensation. I do realize that you’ve probably been ripped off before but I’m not a stupid man those that have ripped you off have been, shall I say disposed of. As you know there is only one way to get your information, a referral from a precious hire of yours? My business is known only as Capital Revenue Incorporated. I’m sure you could find me if you really wanted too.

I hope to do business with you…



Zeus of CRI”

Caspian smiled. Finally, a real job! The hours dragged by. Caspian updated his fonts and edited the diagram enough to look like he’s done it. He knew it didn’t matter his boss just liked being a dick. He tossed it in the bosses inbox on the outside of his office and left. He quickly gathered his things and left. There in the parking lot sat his beloved father’s mustang, passed down to him in his fathers will. He got into his mustang and sped off towards the conference.

Traffic was bustling as usual, cars honking and lining up at seemingly forever lights finally switched from red to green. He finally approached his destination. The streets were lined with cars he pulled himself into the closest open space he could find. Cutting off an elderly gentleman who flipped him the bird. He liked the way he looked as he fixed his clothes. He started towards the hotel entrance but was sidetracked by a dark alley where a couple of corporate big wigs puffing on a cigarette.

“Hey guys how is it going?” he asked.

“Not bad, how about you? I don’t recognize your face but I’m sure you’re an intern, you’re way to young to be established at Capsule Corp!” the man smirked, stiffing him.

“Right on!” Caspian said, hiding the anger blowing up inside him.

The gentleman just chuckled. Caspian whipped the hands out of his pockets and and snapped his fingers engulfing the men in flames. As they screamed and ran around Caspian decked one of them and jacked their wallet. Inside was his prize, a folded up invitation to the conference. He smiled and watched as the men took a couple more steps before they collapsed onto the ground, charred remains in their place. Caspian walked towards the Marriott’s door and saw the bell man.

“How are you tonight sir? Can I see your invitation!” he asked kindly, an obviously non-genuine smile.

“I’m fantastic! Here you go!” Caspian smiled.

The bellman looked at the invitation with a slight suspicion. I guess Caspian didn’t look like Capsule Corp material. Eying him up and down judging him quietly.

“What brings you here tonight?” the bellman asked.

“I’m here for the conference and the pleasantry of watching our corporations stock market skyrocket,” Caspian lied fluently.

“Good to go!” the bell man said waving him inside.

In the hall were little groups of people chatting about their recent accomplishments at the company. The people were dressed very nice. Making Caspian’s father’s secondhand suit look tacky. He noticed a few babes dressed in tiny dresses and flirty blouses. Probably hired for their looks, not their talents. He figured he’d get some sweet ass before he burned this place to the ground. He walked over to a girl standing by herself looking nervously around for her friend that had abandoned her.

“Hey, how are you doing tonight on such a fine evening?” Caspian said slyly.

She nervously fidgeted at her brandy on the rocks. Caspian whipped out a lighter, although he didn’t need it, and quickly caught her drink on fire. She gasped as he so confidently played a trick on her. Not knowing the consequences, just head on confrontation. She was instantly aroused. She was the type of women who enjoyed confident men. Casually she pulled on her dress revealing just enough cleavage to keep Caspian interested. Chatting away as Caspian undressed her with his eyes. She wore a tiny red dress, the one all the girls claim to posses hidden in their closet. Each one of her curves embellished in red satin. Caspian couldn’t help but stare. Imagining those breasts falling out of her dress. What color underwear she could be wearing? Was she all natural or a closer to the edge kind of woman? How toned was that ass of hers. Eying her up and down he granted himself approval. She was definitely a nice lay.

She looked at him straight on, those bedroom eyes and grabbed his hand. They slipped through the crowd and quietly snuck into a custodial closet. Next thing he knew he was screwing the living daylights out of her. He continued to ram her hushing her moans with his hand. They went at it for at least ten minutes now but he wasn’t finished with her yet. She shuddered and stiffened as she reached orgasm. He continued to enjoy her company until finally with a small grunt he finished inside her. They cleaned themselves up and fixed their clothes. They separated into the hotel’s theatre to try and avoid a snooze fest of presentations.

After the deathly boring presentations Caspian knew he needed to get the job he was originally hired out of the way. The head honchos were wrapping up and everyone was eager for cocktail hour. Once everyone had a drink Caspian grabbed himself his signature drink. A rum with coke; less coke, more rum. He drank off of it quickly and decided it was time. Caspian snuck around the corner and noticed the bar of highly flammable liquor. He snapped his fingers causing a ball of highly concentrated heat to form on his fingertip and he tossed blowing up several bottles. Highly flammable liquid splashed throughout the crowd. The bartender furiously apologized to his guests as everyone decided to move out of the danger zone. Snapping his fingers Caspian threw a stream of flames onto the mess of spilled liquor and everything wet caught fire. People tossed their glasses in fear as fire ate at their skin only creating new paths of death to reach its victims. Everyone was on fire now furiously running about in agony as the flames continued their feast on their flesh. Caspian smiled as he prepared his signature move. The comet. He focused his flames into the mostly empty rum and coke he was enjoying and tossed it into the crowd of the more fortunate. Those that weren’t on fire were quickly screaming as fire spread through their clothes. He lit the carpet on fire and took that as his sign to leave.

He had memorized several fire exits and needed to make sure people couldn’t leave. Slipping outside he quickly bounced door to door melting them to their frames. People couldn’t escape now. He snuck his way to one of the back alleys and prepared for his escape. He was rushing through toppled boxes and catastrophically uneven dumpsters. Slipping thorough tight spaces and disgusting rotten cactuses of dead rodents he found his exit. A perfectly clean alleyway in which to sneak past the arriving firetrucks. He leapt onto a dumpster blocking his path and did a backflip onto the concrete below. Pleased with himself he had almost reached the exit!

“Damn these things are long,” he cried panting from his frantic escape.

He saw the light of the streetlights and smiled slowing down. He was suddenly blasted back by an invisible force. He lied panting on the cold dirty alleyway sidewalks.

“Hello Caspian,” a chilling voice infiltrated his ears.

Caspian snapped his fingers and let a blast of fire near his chilling intruder. It was blocked immediately and fed into the brick walls instantly heading the bricks and alleyway. Caspian was lifted up almost magically and tossed against the hot bricks searing his back. Suddenly several broken pieces of pipe were sent through his hands into the bricks, pinning him. His agonizing screamed were muffled by seemingly nothing.

“I’ve been looking for you for some time now, I can’t believe I’ve failed my father and let you slip by me so often. Thats what I get for passing my own judgement. Forgive me father,” the intruder said chillingly calm.

“Who the fuck are you!” Caspian spat through the force muffling him.

“Thats not important, whats important is why I am here. You are a catastrophe. An inkling of the very infection of this beautiful world. I am here to put you down. Return you to where you belong,” the intruder spoke softly.

Through agonizing pain and blood pouring out of his body Caspian took a nice look of his assailant. There before him was a boy, no older than seventeen, he seemed to be wearing cardinal robes but in black and white thread. Hanging from his neck was a beautiful silver cross swinging softly. He wore a white cap and stared at him with hatred in his eyes.

“What say you Caspian Ross, do you feel resentment for your actions?” his weird assailant asked.

“You don’t know what its like with this anger feasting on your very being, this lust for murder that eats you up inside!” Caspian screamed twitching as the iron bars in his body stung.

“You’re worse off than I thought!” the assailant said worried.

“It’s you!” Caspian cringed as he realized who was attacking him.

“You’ve heard of me?” they asked calmly. Not once did his posture break.

“You’re him. The legendary do-gooder spat around the world of our species. The one who thinks he’s doing gods bidding when he’s no better than people like me. You’re nothing more than a crafty assassin!” Caspian insulted.

“I will tell you my name, for once it is spilled you won’t be alive long enough to tell anyone about it. They call me The Enforcer. I’m the Gabriel of angels. The marine of justice. I’m an assailant of good, charged with the task of cleansing the world of its sickness. Once you are taken care of the world will be one step closer to revival!” The Enforcer spoke eagerly.

“You’re nothing more than a monster, just like me! You’re no better than any of us. Nothing but a disgrace of the world just like you accuse me of. Haha you think you’re doing good! You’re disgusting nothing but…” Caspian coughed as blood began to flow from his mouth.

“I’m sorry you’re a monster,” The Enforcer said hanging his head in sorrow.

A crack filled the quiet night air as Caspian’s limp body strung lifelessly by steel on the bricks of a dirty alleyway. The Enforcer kissed his cross and began to walk away.

“Forgive me father for I have sinned…”


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