EXCERPT: Naruto: Valkyrie

Just a test to see how I could do!

“Hyrano, you need to stop this! NOW!” I yelled as I leapt through the trees.

“Sikki, I need to end this. I don’t care how!” Hyrano yelled.

“I’m going to have to stop you!” I yelled as I pulled out three kunai and tossed them at Hyrano.

The three kunai flew through the air and Hyrano stopped them with a wall of water. We both landed on the ground panting.

“You can’t stop me Sikki, I’m stronger than you!” Hyrano yelled through gritted teeth.

“I’ll find a way!” I said with a smile.

Suddenly Hyrano attacked me, punching me with all his might, I kept blocking them. I swiftly kicked him aside and he rolled onto the grass. He was angry, I could use this to my advantage. He did a substitution jutsu and appeared behind me wielding a kunai. I quickly blocked him with my kunai and prepared to end this.

Palm Rotation!” I yelled.

A ball of chakra appeared around me I twisted quickly with my hands outstretched and blasted Hyrano back. He laid on the ground panting as he quickly leapt to his feet and began to do hand signs.

Crushing Wave!” Hyrano yelled.

An explosion of water formed behind him and he directed it at me flooding the battlefield with water. Clever, slow me down and knock me down a notch. I smiled at his craftiness and prepared to put it up a notch.

Bayakugan!” My eyes became pupiless and I could see Hyrano as a network of chakra points, “Air Clone Jutsu!

Several of me appeared and surrounded Hyrano we each quickly struck him in the main chakra points shutting his jutsu down. Hyrano fell to his knees as the water evaporated.

“Sikki, you’ve gotten better, I guess I can’t play with you anymore. I need to do this you don’t understand, I have to kill him. Do you remember what he has done?” Hyrano pleaded.

“Hyrano, you see it’s not as easy as that. Not only are you incapable of murder, but Amadeus would have your head. You can’t handle things like this! It’s not going to work!” I pleaded with him.

“Amadeus can’t touch me, I don’t care what you think. I’m doing it! I’m killing him!” Hyrano said, “You’re not standing in my way!”

Suddenly cobalt blue chakra began to blanket his body like lightning he flew at me punching me with all his power into the trees behind me. I crumpled to the ground as blood poured from my mouth.

“Am I capable now Sikki!!” he shouted

“You’re getting there!” I smirked as I wiped my face, “you disabled my palm seals. You’re getting good!”

“Get out of my way and I won’t cripple you!” Hyrano yelled as he leered over me.

“I’d like to see that old friend, channel that anger strike me with everything you’ve got! I can take it!”

Poseidon’s Wrath!” Hyrano yelled.

Suddenly water formed around Hyrano building up larger and larger creating a massive figure to loom above me. He smiled in his water shell and brought his fist down on me. Exploding the ground where I was. Dirt and water was everywhere. The water evaporated and Hyrano stood pleased with himself. He turned around to see me with three chakra powered kunai as I launched them into him. Hitting his master chakra points crippling him once again.

“You’re good, but you don’t think this is going to work again do you?” Hyrano smiled.

Suddenly the world around him became bright and we woke up in the grass lying down. Amadeus stood above us clapping his hand. He just used Genjutsu on us, and effectively too.

“What did you do that for?” Hyrano said embarrassed.

“I just wanted to test your skills against each other!” Amadeus chuckled.

“Well how did we do?” I asked.

“Needs work!” Amadeus said.

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