Day Ninteen: Don’t Stop the Rocking’

Prompt: Free writing day (400 words)

I remember when I first purchased that house. A beautiful crafted house over the ocean. Who would have known this is where everything would change. I had just been successful with my first book called Proximity a story that revolved around a group of people that possessed special abilities. Who would have known my Heroes inspired novel would make it like this? I had struck it rich and always dreamed of going to the ocean, settling down with a beautiful woman and maybe, just maybe, have a couple of children. 

I have the house, but no woman or children. See I had a rough childhood. I never made it with the ladies I was always that outcast child who spent all his time reading or playing video games. I never really struck the fancy of the many beautiful women my school had to offer. I had maybe two long lasting relationships that soon fizzled and died like my dreams. So once college came around, I wasn’t expecting me to find this amazing woman that would stick by me despite my shortcomings. That’s where I was wrong. 

Her name was Rachel and we immediately hit it off. We were both at a creative writing seminar, since that was both our majors. It was one of those seminars where the author read from his book and tried to give you the run down on the best ways to write. It was a load of crap and both of us knew it. However, his story was a very interesting one. It revolved around a small group of people that were kidnapped and dropped off on some diesel ant planet, many light years away. Who knew if it was aliens or the government. After the seminar we had the typical, buy my book and I’ll sign it for you, kind of thing. Rachel and I ended up being in line together and I’m sure she was into me because she pulled that oh gosh, I dropped all my books, act. I helped her pick it up and we’ve been close ever since. We weren’t together yet, but I promise you I was working on it. 

I returned to my dorm that evening with a despicable smile on my face and her phone number. I sat down on that shitty futon/bed thing you get in your dorm and began to watch the television show Heroes. 

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