Day Fifteen: Your Voice Will Find You

Prompt: Think about an event you attended and loved. How did it make you feel?

Twist: While writing this post, focus again on your own voice.

All these prompts about finding my own voice are definitely not needed. I found my voice years ago. So Instead I will break down what I think my voice sounds like. You tell me what you think!

First of all, I love the whole “I” point of view (POV). I revolve around it a lot. I use the I POV to make the story more personal, and it allows me to add twists like using he when I want to introduce a new character. I did try using the 3rd person point of view in Excalibur, a story about angels and demons. It was fun to try out but it wasn’t really my style. I will admit I intend on doing it again. Just because I specialize in a POV doesn’t mean I don’t want to use others. My characters for my story also revolve around me, as a person. I personify myself within my characters. Three little hints you might have picked up.

Zale and Zethan. Two main characters of my two flagship stories Day Trekkers and Night Owl, respectively. They start with the first letter of my name (Seth Kaileen is a pen name). They also are described as what I wish I looked like (back in high school). Long black hair, built body, attractive in every way. They also share my personality. Each one has my friends in some way or another. I find it easier to write about my life, and twist it into what it could be like, or how I saw it. This makes my works personal. I will admit I’ve strayed from the habit of starting them with “Z” I have a handful of names I like just because of how they look or sound.

Dialog. Dialog. Dialog. My stories are very focused on dialog. I enjoy giving my characters a voice, tossing their emotions into how they say their words. I will let you in on a little secret. I did not know how to do dialog. I needed help with it. Sad thing is, it was never picked up by any of my English teachers until my senior year in high school. I wrote my teacher of that class a thirty-five page story called S.O.L.O.C.A.M. She looked at it and said “you’re going to be a tough one aren’t you!” Then she explained to me how I was doing my dialog wrong. So she helped me with it, I edited my story and she was impressed. Ever since then, I’ve improved my skills.

I revolved my stories around a theme. Every story has a main idea. I find ways to capitalize on this and make something unique that follows the topic of the story. Maybe this isn’t special, maybe it’s too mainstream but it’s what I do and I like it!

That’s all I have to say for now! 🙂

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