Day Ten: Size Matters (In Sentences)

Prompt: Where did you live when you were twelve years old?

Twist: Pay attention to your sentences length and use short, medium, and long sentences.

Vermont. That’s where I lived when I was twelve. Vermont was a very secluded, private, and beautiful state to live in. The best part of those years though was my best friend. We had fantastic imaginations. We crafted worlds while only using our mind. We were into quite a few things in that day! Naruto. Final Fantasy. Bleach. Pokemon. Digimon. BeyBlade. Dragon Ball Z. Made up worlds. It was amazing. My parents owned several acres of land providing us plenty of space to play. My friend’s grandmother once owned a farm and the space there was quite crazy as well. We were also kids that played with action figures on the bus and handheld game systems once they were available. We had amazing “nineties” fads to follow! We were close and always kept ourselves entertained. I could only imagine how many hours we’ve spent in total just having a good time and enjoying life. Those were the good old days.

Now everyone struggles daily just to keep themselves entertained watching a television set. Reminded of the days when life mattered. When good things would be just around the corner. Now we work too many hours a week and have absolutely no time to ourselves. Suffering silently in the adult world, a world that will never change. Simply injustice. No one can do anything though, unless you’re filthy rich and can afford to go out and travel, party amongst friends, or walk in the park (which Vermont is lacking on). But we all do this day in and day out. Work, sleep, and eat. That is our life now. No time to mingle in fantasy worlds. No time to enjoy the childlike friendliness of the past days. It’ll all be okay though. We will all pass away in the memory of others. Living forever in the hearts and minds of your loved ones. At least that’s one thing you can count on. Love is always in abundance. It’s not all bad. I just miss the days of my childhood. When we all ran around carefree and happier than ever before!

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