Davis Duval

Imagine, just for one-second the ability of enhanced strength. Imagine how you could use this. How about the ability to run at crazy speeds? Interested yet? I guess they call it Hyperadrenal. Pretty neat huh? Imagine me, a street talker. No home, no real friends, nothing but the pavement as my only ally. Couch surfing night after night, until you finally get to where you need to go! Traveling has always been a strong desire of mine. With this ability I can now do it.

I am currently in the big old city of New York. I know the area like nobody else, well at least the, shall we say, less desireable neighborhood. However, I’m not the biggest winner the world has seen either. I’m a drug runner. Going alleyway to alleyway delivering the world the highest quality of drugs that I can offer! You can make it; I can run it! Thats my sales pitch, nice huh?

I was carrying a drug that was street coded as Happy Victor, and it was selling for a high price. A high price I get a steep fifteen percent commission for. Five percent more than usual. I was delivering it to a man that only called himself, “The Pusher” who knows why? Who even cares! I’m just the messenger. However I did notice one thing awfully suspicious about my package. I had just left the seller, Jeremy, and was being followed by two people wearing hoodies. A bit scary if I do say so myself. I decided I need to lose these tag-alongs. I stopped and closed my eyes.

My ability needed complete focus and for me to entice my “flight or fight response” I needed to work myself up and get that adrenaline flowing. I looked back to the two followers who didn’t even stop coming at me and smiled.

“Catch me if you can fuckers!” I screamed.

Suddenly like a rocket I was bolting down the alleyway, going at least seventy miles per hour if not more. There was no way they could keep up with that. I thought of their pathetic faces at the end of the alley way, ‘what just happened?’ Their only thought. Furiously I struggled making tough turns and trying to remember the alleyways I’ve traveled all my life.

After I felt there was enough distance between us, I knew I needed to take it down a notch or I was going to put myself into shock. I focused on my body, exhaling to calm it all down. I began to slow and finally came to a stop. I collapsed on the ground and began to choke, my body fighting for oxygen. Finally I filled my lungs with the cities polluted air. Just about everything began to go back to normal. My lightheadedness, my beating heart, and my aching limbs however were still there. I walked down another alley like a drunken fool until my balance caught up with me. I smiled and continued on my journey!

I was approaching the “crib” of “The Pusher” and noticed one hell of a party was going on, and I wasn’t go to miss out on a party from a psycho drug lord. It was one of those common apartment complexes you always here about, well besides the size. It was a huge duplex with only three available rooms. All massive, and very nice. Those modern television shows that show those high-fluent modern made apartments. This guy had that. But then again, a drug lord? Why would you expect any different? There blocking that typical New York apartment complex stairwell was one huge son of a bitch! This guy was obviously a convict, covered head to toe in despicable tattoos, and his arms had to be at least the size of my legs.

“What the fuck do you want, pencil neck?” he scowled at me.

“No ones will is as strong as ’the pushers’!” I said, a codeword Jeremy had provided me.

“Who might you be little rubber throat?” he said, not once did he unfold his arms.

“My name is Davis, I’m ‘the runner’ sort of say, and I believe your boss is expecting a package to arrive!” I smirked at him.

“Give it here, and get the fuck out, little turtle bitch!” he scoffed finally extending one of his inhumane arms.

“I believe my instructions are always to deliver to at least his personal body guard, not some over zealous monkey man such as yourself.”

“Got a big mouth for someone so tiny!”

“I get it from my momma!”

“Fine, get in here. Make it quick, you don’t want this ‘monkey man’ coming at cha!”

“Got it Mr. Ape.”

His growl I took as his confirmation for me to enter. The place was packed! Babes were naked everywhere, there was at least a dozen stripper stages. Men of all shapes and sizes inhaling bright neon colored powder. Everyone was having a good time. Suddenly someone came rushing at me, he looked pretty menacing as well. He was sharply dressed and packing heat. His suit pored of wealth and I knew at once, he was who I needed.

“Ah, you’ve got the goods sir?” he said, heavy with an Irish accent.

“Of course, I always deliver,” I smiled.

“Good then, come with me.”

I followed through the halls of sweat and arousal until we were at a door.

“Come in then.”

Walking in I noticed two strippers giving a lap dance to a guy laughing on a leather couch. He looked to be in his early thirties, his suit was of luxury silk, or so I guessed. He wore a pair of black dress shoes and a watch glistening of black on his wrist. He stopped his laughter and looked at me. Near me was a table made completely of crystal glass, upon it sat a luxury bowl, complete with fancy truffles.

“Hello, and who might you be?”

“The name is Davis, I’ve got a package for you!”

“Good leave it on the table, and leave!”

“What about my money?”

“Oh right, I forgot! Kill him!”

Suddenly the walls started opening up around me. Out from the hidden doors came a small gathering of very large men. They each carried a machine gun in their enormous hands and looked at me. They began to close in. I quickly shut my eyes and focused my adrenaline. I got the rush I was looking for and grasped the table, I threw it at three of the five gentleman coming towards me. The glass smashed into their bodies piercing them with glass and pinning them to the ground. The two behind me, as expected would be ready to shoot me down. I ducked quickly and sweep kicked the one closest to me. His gunfire struck the partner next to him as he fell. I grabbed a piece of the broken glass and drove the chunk right into the fancy guys silk suit. He collapsed to the floor, blood gushing from his stomach.

I looked around for an exit and to my dismay I had completely forgotten my escort. The strippers were of no danger, they were passed out on the floor. But my escort, that Irish bastard was looking right into my eyes. I figured he would pull a gun from his waistband and fill me full of lead and I was coming down from my adrenaline rush. He suddenly began to clap his hands!

“Bravo, I guess Jeremy isn’t a moron after all,” he chuckled deeply.

“Okay wait was this a test?” I said rather pissed off.

“Indeed. You passed! Congratulations! Now you’re ours!” He said menacingly.


The escort pulled out a briefcase from another one of those hidden panels and slid it across the floor.

“I suggest leaving, before something bad happens, we will talk again,”

I decided it was best to take that offer and head the hell out of this nightmare. I quickly snapped open the case, in it were banded crisp hundred dollars bills. I snapped it shut and got the fuck out of there! The party was still in full swing but I decided it wasn’t best to doddle and I wanted to get back to Jeremy, and get some rest my body was screaming for sleep.

To Be Continued…

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