Story Teaser-Proximity

        “It is said there are such a thing as anti-abilities,” Dr. Grimhold said concerned. 

“What is an anti-ability,” Radian asked confused. 

“It’s a sort of ability where the person who possesses the ability is overtaken by its power. The only reported case of this is Gabriel Grey, a.k.a Sylar. His Intuitive Aptitude, that is the ability to understand how things work, he used to take countless abilities from others that possessed them. It came with the price of a hunger, or longing for knowledge. He went around murdering people for their abilities,” Dr. Grimhold answered. 

“You think Kain has an anti-ability?” 

“I’m sure of it, sadly I’m not sure what the ability would be. That’s the problem we are running into. He’s been such a dark child ever since we brought him here. He possesses several of the nine signs that he could be a serial killer. We’ve simply kept an eye on him but we’ve had to intervene multiple times because of his danger to himself and others.”

“Where is Kain now?”

“We are not sure that’s why you and I are in the courthouse keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.”

“If he’s this dangerous is is safe for only you and I to be out here?”

“I’m sure we can get him safely back to his room, if not at a push of the button the security will be on their way to apprehend.”

“Won’t it be too late?”

“Not necessarily, see Kain is very shy and doesn’t like confrontation. We can use that to our advantage to get him back safely. It saddens me that we have to treat one of our students like a prisoner but I don’t see any other way.”

“Are you waiting for me doctor?” A voice pierced the evening air. 

“Kain, we don’t want any trouble.” Dr. Grimhold responded softly. 

“Too late for that, lock me up like some kind of animal, you’ll regret that by the end of the night. You’ll be dead. And I’ll be free of this hellish place you call an ‘institution’. So doctor, what tricks do you have for me tonight?” Kain laughed. 

Suddenly out of nowhere Dr. Grimhold was tossed into the air and thrashed onto the ground. Panting desperately for precious air to renter his lungs. Radian stood shocked at some creature standing before him. A red glow surrounded the young Kain and his eyes were full of bloodlust and vengeance. His nails had grown into claws and his muscles had increased immensely. Suddenly his claws were heading straight for Radians stomach, he quickly teleported away. He realized that this left Kain and Dr. Grimhold alone in the empty courtyard, bloodshed was imminent. Radian teleported behind Kain and kicked him with all his might into the surrounding stone walls. Grabbing Dr. Grim hold and teleporting him to safety. Once they were safely above the courtyard Radian pressed the security button and alerted the guards. He appeared before the disgruntled Kain prepared to try and talk him down.   

“You don’t want to do this Kain. You’re dangerous! They will put you down!” 

“I don’t care anymore, Radian. You just don’t understand what it is like to be a prisoner at a school thats supposed to help you? It doesn’t matter. You’ll never understand, I just need you out of the way so I can take care of Dr. Grimhold,” Kain screamed. 

Radian gasped, Kain had claws going through his stomach. Radian spat up some blood as he crumpled to his knees. Kain ripped it out and looked at him, hatred consumed him. 

“Its over Radian, you never understood.” Kain said preparing the final blow. 

Five different tasers struck Kain at once the air filled with bright flashing light as his body absorbed the electricity. Suddenly the red aura was gone and on the ground lay an unconscious Kain.

“Quick grab Radian and get him to the hospital wing!” was the last thing Radian heard as sleep claimed him.   

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