With Aid of A Long-Coat

“Well Amadeus, I had really hoped you would have put up a much more satisfying fight!” Tragedy said, panting because of his wounds, “I guess I better finish this mission then!”
Suddenly the ground around Amadeus began to glow as Tragedy’s sword drained the last remaining chakra he possessed. Tragedy grabbed his sword handle and lowered it to his hand, siphoning chakra from the metal replenishing his energy.
“Goodbye old rival,” Tragedy said as he lifted his sword and aimed it like a spear at Amadeus.
Suddenly Tragedy was blasted backwards into the enormous trunk of an elder tree. Several kunai came at him pinning Tragedy to the tree. A figure emerged from the darkness. Pulling a metal instrument from his long-coat and revealing a chakra lightsaber.
“Don’t you worry, death will befall you shortly,” was all the figure said as he rushed him, thrusting the chakra lightsaber into his chest.
“You think, a little, cough, blade will stop me?” Tragedy sputtered blood dripping from his mouth.
“I think it’s already over, resistance is futile,” the figure announced pulling the blade from Tragedy’s chest just to stab it into him again, “drain him.”
Vines began to sprout from the blade surrounding the tree and Tragedy. It began glowing bright light as life-force was absorbed. The tree began to heal itself, losing years of battle scars and carved initials of would-be-lovers. The branches sprouted longer and the leaves began to become a darker green, vibrant with life. Tragedy still wouldn’t give up. Fighting the vines obsessively.
“No, it can’t end like this!” Tragedy cried out, “Tragedy Bomb!”
Tragedy’s sword began to glow a bright red and exploded with a ball of bright red light, blasting the mysterious long-coat into the skies above. Tragedy grabbed the lightsaber and plucked it from his chest. Flexing his muscles he managed to break all the vines. He grabbed his sword and cut the chakra lightsaber draining it of all it’s energy. Tragedy put his hands on the blade and siphoned all the remaining chakra from his blade and began to dash as far away from here as he could. He didn’t get to far when he noticed his assailant hot on his tracks.
“Trip him!” they yelled as vines furiously tried to claim Tragedy.
Finally falling to the ground Tragedy looked around for some sort of escape plan. His chakra reserves were low, and he was in quite a bit of pain, there isn’t much more of this he could take. The figure managed to summon his chakra lightsaber once again. Tragedy smirked as he realized he had a vibrant source of chakra to feed off. He broke himself free and charged his attacker. The figure didn’t even flinch suddenly as though magic, the blade was once again in Tragedy’s chest.
“You’re not getting away this time,” the figure smiled, “Chakra Storm!”
Tragedy was whisked to some bright ball of light surrounded by clones. They each had their own form of the chakra lightsaber. They all attacked him mercilessly at once. Strike after strike, draining Tragedy of his precious chakra reserves in aid to cause ever more pain. Finally there stood the figure, his blade cocked slightly at his chest. His lips moved but Tragedy already felt the blade in his chest, it was over. His blade stumbled from his hand as his life-force evaporated into the evening air. Collapsing on the ground laid the spent Tragedy. The figure walked up to him and called out. Suddenly Anbu Black-Ops appeared to dispose of the body. The figure ran with all his might towards the trap Amadeus had found himself in. The figure noticed that Amadeus still had a very weak spark of life energy.
“Defiant until the end old friend?” the figure smiled.
Using streams of chakra the figure managed to retrieve the battered Amadeus and threw him over his shoulder. Dashing on his way back to the village. The little spark withering slightly with each step. Finally managed to cross the gates and rushed Amadeus to their hospital and had healing ninja surrounding him siphoning their chakra into Amadeus with a hope that maybe, he could survive.

Amadeus awoke in pain in the hospital wing. He felt his chakra levels were dangerously low. He struggled himself up looking out the window seeing bright sunshine.
“Hello Amadeus,” a voice startled.
Amadeus looked over to see his proud and happy Hokage! He was a ridiculous man, short brown hair, ridiculous smile on his face, big blue eyes. It was as if no matter how awful the situation, he always managed a smile.
“Hokage Orion!” Amadeus spoke, surprised.
“Quite a fight you had there, huh,” Orion said, his uplifting voice almost shaking the room.
“Tragedy, was so different,” Amadeus said, his head hung low in defeat.
“Yes, he was under the possession of an ancient sword, sealed away almost ten decades ago! It’s power is maddening, it makes the wielder attack in blatant bloodlust in desire of feeding the sword chakra,” Orion said almost seriously.
“I can’t believe how powerful that made him!” Amadeus said upsettingly.
“Well if it makes you feel any better. If it wasn’t for your first attack against him, Sakamae would never have stood a chance. It’s because of you we were able to take down this fantastically psychotic powerhouse!” Orion said favorably.
“Well I feel like a total disappointment!” Amadeus said hanging his head low.
“Well don’t! You were amazing! Now we need to talk about something, I have a preposition for you!” Orion said, more serious then ever before.
“Give me my coat,” Amadeus ordered.
Orion handed his coat over to Amadeus. He pulled out a single cigarette and placed it between his lips.
“What kind of proposition?” Amadeus spoke as he lit his cigarette.Orion Sakamae

Orion and Sakamae


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