Flight of Amadeus

     The sky was turing a deep purple, night would be upon them soon. Amadeus quickly leaned against a nearby tree, looks like another bust. Amadeus had short rustled blonde hair. He wore a signature long-coat, a brilliant white with the village insignia on it. He reached into his inside pocket and pulled out a single cigarette. Bringing it to his lips and lighting it. He took a long breath in and puffed out a stream of gray smoke. He looked up into the falling night sky and stood happily for a minute enjoying this amazing thing they call life. He looked around at the beautifully lush trees around him. This is what he lived for, fieldwork. He continued working on his cigarette and taking in the sights. Suddenly in the corner of his eyes he sees a slight shimmer, a reflection off of something. Amadeus stepped back as a kunai came at him, barely missing him. In an instance Amadeus disappeared.
     Standing on a fragile brach Amadeus appeared behind someone in all black. The person in black tried to glance back, but was only rewarded with a quick rabbit punch to his head. Falling unconsciously to the harsh ground below. Amadeus leapt and grabbed his target whisking them away. Standing with his unconscious trophy by the tree was Amadeus pulling in another stream of smoke and puffing out.
     “I certainly hope thats not all you have to offer!” Amadeus jeered.
Before him appeared three ninjas all ready to strike at once. They quickly lunged at him. Amadeus grabbed ones arm and threw them roughly into the ground. The next target tried his head, twisting his neck to the side to avoid it he greeted his assailant with his elbow knocking them out. The third had thought to show off and was midway through a falling kick. Amadeus managed to fills his stomach with half of his foot crippling the assailant instantly. Amadeus was bored with this and had hoped that this was not it. Although his mind was read appeared a cloud of dirt and smoke. Instantly it revealed a burly man. He had a muscular figure and a buzzed haircut. A sword handle poked out behind his shoulder. His face was scarred and he instantly posed as a treat to Amadeus.
     “Ello, Amadeus!” the frightening figure grunted in an Irish accent.
     “Tragedy?” Amadeus said dumbfounded.
     “Eh, the one in only. Flesh, blood, and all,” Tragedy smirked.
     “Not for long I hope,” Amadeus smiled as he took a final drag of his spent cigarette.
     “I’ll still be here, but I recon you won’t!” Tragedy threatened.
     “You look different? More of a threat I hope,” Amadeus retaliated.
     “Yeah, I’ve been working out a bit more, waiting for my chance to pummel you.”
     “You think you’re up to that challenge?”
     Amadeus was thrashed into the tree he was standing before. Crippling to the ground unexpectedly. Tragedy was much faster than before. Tragedy brought his elbow down on Amadeus’ falling body. The ground was rough and uninviting. A foot was coming at his face when Amadeus decided to spring into action. Disappearing and reappearing behind Tragedy Amadeus kicked him as hard as he could tumbling Tragedy to the ground.
     “Nice moves,” Tragedy smirked as blood threatened to enter his mouth.
     “Not too shabby yourself,” Amadeus responded.
Suddenly Tragedy leapt onto his feet and drew his sword.
     “I guess there is no more time for fun, I have a tight schedule,” Tragedy spat.
     Tragedy threw himself at Amadeus led by his blade. Amadeus just barely managed to pull out a kunai and block Tragedy’s attack breaking several kunai before Amadeus leapt backwards, distancing himself from his attacker. Amadeus was usually prepared for this but Tragedy had thrown him for a loop. He had to regroup and think of a strategy. Amadeus disappeared and hid himself in one of the trees. Tragedy seemed uninterested. Whatever he was planning this wasn’t as important. Amadeus had to buy some time. How to warn the village though? Tragedy turned into smoke and disappeared. Amadeus barely had time to look back when a blade was coming at him. He blocked with the only thing he could. His arm.
     Blood flowed down his arm and suddenly Amadeus began to feel chakra draining from his body. The swords blade began to glow a bright blue and Amadeus had put it together. A major flaw in any plan, he was running out of chakra now.
     “New blade crafted from the finest chakra drawing metals. My own design believe it or not, I think you’re finished. Some longboat you are,” Tragedy smiled putting more pressure on the blade in Amadeus’ arm.
     “You haven’t seen nothing yet,” Amadeus smiled.
     The blade began to glow a bright red overwhelming the blade blasting it away from Amadeus and out of Tragedy’s hands.
     “What happened?” Tragedy said suddenly taken aback.
Red light began to surround Amadeus’ arm and play on his fingertips. Amadeus flipped into the air and prepared his signature attack. Light began to overload in his hands and he came dropping down, fist outstretched heading straight for the chest of his target.
     “Symphony Strike!” Amadeus yelled as he struck tragedy’s chest, arrows of light exploding from his arms into tragedy’s body! Tragedy took it all, not without consequences though.
     Tragedy had sustained a lot of damage. But that didn’t hinder him any he grabbed Amadeus by the throat, another flaw-he left himself wide open-, and he tossed him into the ground as hard as his battered body could. Amadeus laid in the dirt allowing the pain to evaporate from his body. He was tapped out, no more chakra, heavy damage, he had failed his mission as a long-coat. He had failed to protect his village. He couldn’t let his failure let him down, he had to get away and warn someone. He quickly threw himself to his feet and ran, as fast as his painful body would let him. Running like the wind trying his best to get away. He had ran into a slight roadblock. Tragedy still had chakra and appeared before him, his blade drawn charging the fleeing Amadeus. Gritting his teeth, he had no choice but to fight him off to escape. He dodged his blade and punched Tragedy in the back sending him into the ground. Running as fast as he could Amadeus was trying his best to get away. His body was giving out. Unconsciousness threatened to claim him. He tumbled to the ground, pulling himself up desperately.
     “I didn’t want to do this,” Tragedy screamed behind him, “Terror Quake!”
Suddenly Amadeus was swallowed by the ground, falling to a pit of glowing kunai below. Impaling him he laid in painful mass of flesh and blood. Amadeus had been defeated. There was nothing more he could do. Unconsciousness had taken him and his mission was a fail. Some long-coat he was?
 Amadeus MozartTragedy
Amadeus and Tragedy

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