Project CyroGenisis 2015

Every year I create what I call Project CyroGenisis, which is in reality a fancy term for New Years Resolutions. Every year I seem to pick the same things to work on, and every year I disappoint myself. Not anymore! This year I have a lot of changes to expect. I’m having a beautiful baby boy! So it’s going to be a way different year! Hopefully I can live up to MY expectations!

-Something I’ve always struggled with. Now that I work at a bank it’s a little more important. So I’ve devised a plan to help me manage my finances using three accounts.
–Bill Account
—This account will be used to pay ALL the bills
–Cash Account
—This is my “spending money” for gas, etc.
–Savings Account
—I will ACTUALLY save money for once. We will need all we can get how things are going!

-Something I love, but have issues with every once in a while for sometimes I am plagued with Writers Block. However, I am working on ways of overcoming such a trifle sickness!
–Naruto: Valkyrie
—Years ago a friend of mine and I created an eight year long Live Action Role-playing Game based on Naruto. Now I wish to craft it into words!
–Naruto: Insurgence
—I can’t possible remember every detail so I’ve decided to craft it on what I know, starting with some small changes! Each story will be a piece of the whole. A battle against all our created villains, that I thankfully, recorded when we built this masterpiece!

-I always have one or two things to work on when the New Year comes with the whole “New Year, new me thing”.
—Now that I have a balanced schedule I can work on getting to bed and waking up on time to get the best out of my day!

And that’s it! Wish me luck!

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